Email marketing campaigns can serve as a powerful tool to increase outreach and interaction with your target audience. Email campaigns can be used to notify customers of a new product, a sale, or just regular updates going on with your business or industry. Conducting successful email marketing campaigns can help your business continue on a steady growth trajectory by helping customers and clients stay engaged with your business and keeping your company relevant in their minds. Here are 5 tips to consider to crush your next email marketing campaign to increase ROI.

Personalize it

Nobody hates spam more than consumers. To you, blasting out one email per week to your mailing list may seem unintrusive and considerate. However, it’s very unlikely that the consumers on your mailing list are not receiving tens of emails a day from other companies. Avoid appearing like spam by personalizing your email. Many CRM email tools include features to address your email to include the recipient’s name. Receiving an email that starts off by saying “Hi Sue,” or “Hey Bill,” is much more appealing to an individual than “Hello,” or “Dear customer”. Another great way to personalize your email is to include a signature with an actual human name. Sign off each email with the CEO, marketing director, or customer service manager’s name rather than “Sincerely, Company Name” so that the recipient feels like the email was meant for them rather than for 1000 other people. That small touch of personalization can go a long way.

Grab their attention

One of the fastest ways to decrease email-open rates is to use a generic, boring subject line. Many consumers are filtering out tons of spam or advertising emails each day that are irrelevant to their interests. Capture your audience’s attention with an interesting subject line that gives your email excitement and urgency. You want your email to stand out to your recipient to entice them to open it. Grabbing your consumers’ attention does not stop at the subject line; upon opening the email, use your brand’s colors and fonts to create an aesthetically pleasing email style rather than a plain-text email style. Customers will recognize that this email is important and relevant to them and are more likely to continue reading, engaging, and clicking.

Stay on brand

Keeping up with your brand identity across all platforms - including email marketing - is crucial. When interacting with customers, you want to make sure that they recognize your company immediately. Be sure to use the same colors, fonts, and tone of voice in your email marketing campaigns as you use on your website, social media, and other marketing materials. Include your logo and business name at the top of each email to ensure your customer knows to pay attention. 

Be consistent

If you’re using an email marketing campaign in the form of newsletters or scheduled updates, be consistent in your schedule. Try not to bombard your audience with 5 emails per week, but also avoid only reaching out to your customers randomly every few months. The best practice is to send out a regular email update once a week, biweekly, or once a month in the form of a newsletter. This allows you to send an email including all of the updates you need to alert your consumers of, including new products, sales, company updates, and things to look forward to. The content of your email will be more relevant as opposed to full of fluff that your audience does not care about. 

Measure your results

If you’re sending emails on a regular basis for an email marketing campaign, it’s important to measure the results of your efforts. Here are some KPIs to consider measuring to help increase your email outreach effectiveness:

  • Deliverability. Make sure you follow the best practices to avoiding spam filters so that your email is being delivered to your customer’s inbox rather than a spam folder. You can also remove inactive emails from your mailing list so you are only reaching out to engaged customers to avoid being considered spam.

  • Open rates. Check to see what rate your recipients are opening your emails. If the open rate is low, consider the language you used in the subject line and try to include more attention-grabbing verbiage next time.

  • Clickthrough rate. Using language that is easy to read in a tone that relates to your specific audience is the best way to get recipients to read the whole of your email. Try including CTAs and in-line links to help direct your audience to your website, web form, or whatever you are trying to promote. Measure how many people actually click these buttons and links to see what works and what does not.

  • Unsubscribers. Some reasons that recipients may unsubscribe from your email list is because they consider the email to be spam (irrelevant content, too frequently contacted, etc.) or they do not find any value in your email. Reevaluate the end-goal when starting an email marketing campaign to confirm that it is something that brings value to your consumers.

It may seem like there are a lot of rules behind creating a successful marketing campaign, but with these tips, you’ll find it easy to send efficient and effective emails to engage with your customers.


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