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SetSchedule leverages cutting edge tech advancements to forge stronger connections and build lasting business relationships

Who We Are

Who We Are

SetSchedule is an American technology company which disrupts the real estate industry by leveraging SAAS and consumer cloud communication products, artificial intelligence, and autonomous business flow applications to eliminate the struggle behind establishing a connection.

What We Do

What We Do

SetSchedule's goal is to innovate the real estate industry with cutting-edge tools that allow for better connections, easier communication and stronger relationships between consumers and their local experts.

SetSchedule Leadership

Roy Dekel
Chief Executive Officer

Roy Dekel is CEO and Co-Founder of SetSchedule. Preceding SetSchedule, Roy sold billions in financial products and prior to trends, institutionalized the buy and hold residential lifestyle model managing a lofty residential portfolio. Before moving to California, Dekel grew up in Israel, a child of Romanian refugees. He served as a first lieutenant in the Israeli Defense Forces of the Navy Seals. Inspired by his childhood, Roy helps charities that focus on the quality of life and education of children. Roy’s long-standing dedication as a donor, activist, and member of so many charitable organizations has earned Dekel the deserved reputation as a trusted and selfless community leader.

Udi Dorner
Chief Operations Officer

As co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of SetSchedule, Udi Dorner is an established entrepreneur, having founded two additional companies in the healthcare sector. Dorner contributes more than 15 years of experience strategically managing businesses and collaboration with clients and partners. As SetSchedule’s resident tech guru, Dorner works closely with the development team, turning self-described “crazy ideas” into SetSchedule tech solutions. Dorner is a graduate of the Israeli Defense Force Business Development Technology division and dedicates his life to bettering the lives of everyone he meets. 

Daniel Parzivand
Chief Client Officer

Daniel Parzivand is one of the founding employees of SetSchedule and has been a key player in its spectacular growth and development. As Chief Client Officer, Parzivand is the top client advocate for real estate professionals and home shoppers, influencing and defining the entirety of the customer experience. His passion for exceeding customer expectations is an evident motivator for his team’s operational success. Prior to joining SetSchedule, Daniel served as a Chief Business Officer in the private lending and financial sector and is currently studying to receive his BA in Business. 

Shayna Goldburg
Chief Human Resources Officer

Shayna Goldburg was named Chief Human Resources Officer in 2018 after joining SetSchedule in 2016 as Director of Recruiting. Previously, Goldburg worked in various roles within Human Resources and specialized in real estate and technology organizations. Shayna has  over 16 years of experience in the field andis driven by the philosophy  of  putting the person first. Shayna pays special attention to company culture, overseeing efforts for global talent acquisition, upgraded technologies, and company organization. 

Emily Dineen
Chief of Staff

Emily Dineen’s contribution to SetSchedule is invaluable. As Chief of Staff, Emily is the behind-the-scenes problem solver who ensures smooth day-to-day operations and big-picture developments within SetSchedule.  Originally from Northern San Diego, Dineen has previously worked in the hospitality industry while going to school full time. Dineen is a graduate of Cal State University: San Marcos with Bachelor’s degrees in both Economics and Political Science.

Yolando Nery
Head of Operations Philippines

Yolando Nery acts as the bridge between SetSchedule's Philippines operations and the SetSchedule headquarters in Irvine. Yolando oversees the User Engagement and Support teams, working tirelessly to provide real-time and creative solutions to statisfy homeshoppers and real estate partners alike. In his free time, Yolando enjoys playing music since he was previously a professional musician. 

Rich Randal
Vice President of Business Development

Rich Randal brings more than 30 years of sales leadership experience to his position, overseeing the training and mentorship of SetSchedule’s sales team. Prior to joining SetSchedule, Randal served in the US Marine Corps and attended Cypress College. He has gained considerable experience in supporting and growing sales teams with a focus on strategic sales and marketing through roles at sizeable organizations including Motorola Inc., The Home Depot, Bay Alarm Company, Sonitrol Corporation, and Windows Direct.

Steve Vrieling
Director of Operations

In the capacity of Director of Operations, Steve Vrieling contributes over 20 years of applied technical support servicing and team building as he oversees the SetSchedule servicing teams. Steve is passionate about mentoring and building high performing service teams through the process of identifying talent, nurturing, and developing leaders based on their specific abilities. Steve is a lifelong Southern California native - when he’s not providing exemplary servant leadership to his team members, he enjoys staying physically active, hiking and biking in remote mountain ranges or along the breezy California coast. At home, Steve holds the distinguished rank of family BBQ Master and mans the grill with expert skill during family gatherings.

Dhaman Gill
Director of Solutions Administration

Dhaman Gill acts as Director of Solutions Administration, seeking out creative and unorthodox strategies to maximize efficiency and grow SetSchedule’s (and SetSchedule’s partner agents’) bottom line. Dhaman’s shrewd instincts and impeccable work ethic, along with a personal passion for Software as a Service (SaaS) and technology, have been vital assets in SetSchedule’s journey to prominence. Hailing from Wolverhampton, England, previous experiences in the hospitality and logistics industries have endowed Dhaman with the attention to detail and people skills necessary to establish best fit solutions to the most complicated problems the company encounters. Dhaman is an avid fan of the Manchester United football club and continues to travel the world, having explored 35 states and 50 countries so far.

Matt Keramat
Director of Sales

Matt Keramat, Director of Sales, is a living embodiment of the “work hard, play hard” mentality, and SetSchedule is all the better for it! Drawing on over 15 years of sales experience, ranging from mortgages to life insurance, Matt is entrusted to oversee the SetSchedule sales department. A self-described master influencer, Matt’s affinity for mentoring, understanding different perspectives, and his indomitable spirit have time and again proven that Matt and his expertise are indispensable. A first generation immigrant from Iran, Matt’s grit, tenacity, and resourcefulness are second to none. In his personal life, Matt is passionate about family, sports, exercising, travelling, and assisting those with substance abuse issues.

Toby Doyle
Vice President of Business Development - New Markets

As Vice President of Business Development for New Markets, Toby Doyle’s gift is developing high performing teams in new locations as SetSchedule continuously expands. Naturally curious and compassionate, Toby is able to befriend and mentor team members from all walks of life. Toby’s understated philosophy for building self-sustaining teams is simply: “take care of your people and they will take care of you”. Ever resourceful, Toby is a jack-of-all-trades, having previously worked in the health insurance and printing industries. Outside of SetSchedule, Toby enjoys spending time with his kids, snowboarding, and traveling.

Trinie Thai
Director of Human Resources

Trinie Thai’s passion and core competency as Director of Human Resources lie in her ability to help individuals develop themselves, both personally and professionally. With a hand in just about every cookie jar at SetSchedule, Trinie’s daily responsibilities range from recruitment to discussing benefits to building company culture, and everything in between! With her innate ability to understand people’s true motivations and skill sets, Thai makes it a point to lead from the front as she continues to expand the Human Resources team. When not in office, Trinie enjoys developing herself and her loved ones, exploring new foods, and empowering others.

Danial Mohammad
Director of Engineering

Serving as Director of Engineering for one of the fastest growing tech companies in the industry, Danial Mohammad has his work cut out for him - and exceeds all expectations. With a background in IT and the uncanny ability to code proficiently in most languages within a day of study, Mohammad oversees the development team, leading tech innovation for SetSchedule. Danial is fulfilled by the revolutionary developments and experiences which he continues to enjoy in his position. In his free time, Danial enjoys gaming, drifting cars, and snowboarding.

Alex Lim
Director of Growth

As Director of Growth, Alex Lim oversees performance and engagement for SetSchedule’s partnerships with active real estate professionals. As one of the longest tenured employees at SetSchedule, Alex has previously held the roles of sales trainer and Sales Manager - these experiences prove invaluable in his current role which can be distilled into the components of training partner agents, and mentoring sales ability in those same agents. A self-professed workaholic, Alex pours his creativity into innovation and novel ideas, constantly challenging the traditional and well-traveled path with his own plans of action. Recently, Alex has welcomed a beautiful baby daughter into the world, who he’s happy to say owns all his attention when he’s not working.

Jennifer Manabat
Director of Data

Jennifer Manabat puts her keen observational and expert management abilities to good use as the SetSchedule Director of Data. In this post, Jennifer oversees the data science team: mentoring, reviewing completed projects, and establishing new protocols. A devoted leader, Jennifer audits intended processes before implementation to ensure the expected tasks are manageable for her team. Jennifer has a lifelong passion for helping others, previously working as an ICU nurse for infectious diseases. Outside of SetSchedule, Jennifer enjoys attending live concerts with her family, and learning from others, regardless of their background.

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